The Growler Needs Your Help

When breweries in Minnesota surpass 3,500 barrels in annual beer production, state law prohibits them from selling another growler. Ever. This not only hurts small brewers, it deprives beer lovers from enjoying a growler of their local favorite. And that makes all of us very, very sad.   We believe this law needs to change.  But that won’t happen until we make some noise. Our state legislators need to hear from their beer-loving constituents. They need to hear our voices, receive our emails, read our tweets and postings. They need to see us in attendance when the bill is on the floor. They need to know we’ll feel the loss of our growlers.   To make yourself heard, write for us home decor  

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The Growler’s Irish Wake

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The Growler’s Irish Wake

April 6th, 2013

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